Android Video Calling Just Got Much Simpler

You can checkout new Google Pixel 2 at Verizon stores starting October 12

With this one can directly initiate a video call from Android Messages, Contacts and Phone.The Google Duo makes use of a Technology called ViLTE which in essence is an extension of VoLTE and is used to enhance the voice channel along with the video component. The feature of video-calling accomplishes exactly this, as it brings us face to face with our family and friends, whether we're in the same city or thousands of miles away. Both the person making the video call and those receiving it must have Duo installed on their handsets, and both smartphones need to be running Android 7.0 Nougat or above.

Provided that you already have the duo configured on your device all you need to do is go to any of the three supported apps and place a video call.

What does that mean for Android users?

However, there are lots of video calling apps are available in the marketplace, but, Google DUO will be the better one.

So, just how do you make a video call with the new integration? You now will be able to video call using several different apps like Android Messages, Phone, and Contacts. As stated in the aforementioned areas, tap Video call option. Pixel, Android One, and Nexus devices will get this video call integration update first. The Nexus devices also will have the Duo video calling integration right now.

The carrier also has an offer that lets you save up to $300 (applied to your account over 24 months) when you purchase the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL on device payment and turn in an eligible smartphone. It doesn't appear to be too widespread, and reports so far seem to indicate that only Pixel XLs are experiencing the problem, but it is possible that other devices could be affected.

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