Amazon's new Kindle Oasis is waterproof and has a bigger screen

Above Kindle Oasis Audible

The Kindle Oasis will have Audible support (via an OTA update) so you can listen to audio books with Bluetooth headphones or via the speaker. That means you can start reading a book and then switch over to the audio version without losing your spot-Amazon will even offer a discount if you buy both the ebook and audio versions of a book at the same time. Audible streaming over Bluetooth will reduce that battery life, but until we can test, it's unclear by how much.

There's speed control, to slow or speed up the rate of the narrator, while Whispersync keeps track of where you're up to across any Kindle or Kindle app you might be using. The new device will remain the highest-end model in Amazon's popular Kindle series, but it comes with a host of tweaks compared to the previous Oasis, which launched in early 2016. For the Kindle Oasis, there's no mention of it at all.

The all-new waterproof Kindle Oasis will cost £229 here in the United Kingdom and goes on sale on October 31.

The new Kindle Oasis has a few other upgrades on its now defunct and eponymous sibling. The new Kindle Oasis, in contrast, starts at $249.99.

The waterproofing is likely the feature that will excite Kindle fans the most, though.

Amazon's very first Kindle was released 10 years ago, and has come to define the e-reader market, outselling rival devices from Sony and Kobo and fuelling the dramatic rise in e-book sales.

Amazon is also offering a cover with a thin design that snaps onto the all-new Kindle Oasis and transforms into a stand for hands-free reading. But Amazon has made a point of saying that it managed to fit in a bigger battery, while keeping the tapered side of the device at 3.4 millimeters.

The new Kindle Oasis is priced at $250 for the 8GB model, $280 for 32GB, and a cellular model will retail for $350. It's also IP67 certified, meaning it's waterproof for up to 30 minutes in about 3 feet of fresh water (not salt water like the New Kindle Oasis). The text looked just as sharp and crisp as the last Oasis, Voyage and Paperwhite, all of which also feature a 300 DPI resolution.

Amazon has promptly taking pre-orders for the device, with the 8GB and 32GB configurations fetching £229.99 and £259.99, respectively. Amazon is also selling water-safe fabric covers for $44.99 and premium leather covers for $59.99, which eventually you are already spending on a mid-range Android tablet.

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