Aloha, Southwest! Airline makes major announcement about future service

Southwest Airlines to offer flights to Hawaii; tickets to go on sale next year

The range of the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be used isn't enough to get from BWI to Honolulu.

Southwest doesn't know the exact timing of the service, and it first needs to apply for Federal Aviation Administration authorization to operate the long-distance flight.

Southwest said it will seek FAA approval to gain ETOPS certification for its new 737s - a regulatory requirement for flying them to Hawaii.

American, United, Delta, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines all offer service to and from Hawaii, and analysts will be watching to see if Southwest's entry has any effect on prices. The Max can fly farther and is more fuel efficient than Southwest's older model Boeing 737-700s and 737-800s.

What do YOU think will happen to Hawaii fares when Southwest enters that market?

For Southwest, an advanced new reservation system is also making the flights there possible.

Though routes and schedules have yet to be released, Kelly said California will be the connecting state to the Hawaiian Islands.

Now the airline has apologised to Hawaii-based Raatz for the delay, revealing it will be flying to the islands.

The company made the announcement Wednesday in a reply to a tweet from 2008. Both airlines have added flights in smaller California cities, including San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento, as well as at the two big airports - Los Angeles and San Francisco.

No specific routes have been announced, but it's a safe assumption that the airline will launch its Hawaii flights from the West Coast. The airline is planning to offer flights between Hawaii and the continental USA, with ticket sales beginning in 2018.

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