Twitter Developing 'Save For Later' Tweet Bookmarks

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Only last month the news came that Twitter is introducing 280 characters tweet, now twitter announced another feature called "Save for later".

Product managers tweeted that there had been lots of demand for such a feature - especially in Japan. He further asked for feedback from users as the team is now designing the option, whose expected launch date is yet to be announced. Many have used the favorite/like button on Twitter to save things for years, but that's no longer the flawless solution because of Twitter's new algorithmic timeline which sometimes shows the tweets you like on your followers' timeline.

That's interesting, given that building "with" user input is how Twitter used to develop features borrowed from the community. All of the bookmarked tweets will be stored in a dedicated part of the app. The feature is available for Android and iOS users today. Twitter Happening Now will first cover sports-related tweets for now, but it will expand to other topics like entertainment and news moving forward. The Twitter Bookmark feature is represented by a three-dot symbol present below every tweet besides the retweet and the heart option.

While a bookmarking feature would be nice to have, it's probably a niche addition that mostly affects Twitter's power users. For the same thing, Twitter user can share their feedback with hashtag, #SaveForLater. But an early prototype of how this would work has been shared. Twitter is looking to solve it by helping guide users to issues they care about through highlighted tweets and threads.

Furthermore, they plan to offer a new overflow menu on the DM icon. You can choose from these options to a particular tweet. Anytime you want to check out your saved tweets, just tap on your profile picture and select bookmarks from the drop-down list. You could even use the feature to save a video to watch later. You could also potentially add Bookmarks as a column on Tweetdeck.

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