Toyota GR HV Sports concept is a hybrid Toyota 86

Toyota TJ Cruiser hybrid is a tiny sport utility minivan, or something

At the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, the next-gen coupe will be previewed by a GR HV Sports concept based on the existing model, but with a heavily redesigned body featuring a targa roof. Lastly to improve the performance of the Toyota GR HV Sports concept, the hybrid battery is positioned in the center of the concept.

Under a clamshell hood that's stylishly attached via a single arm is a hybrid motor unit built around a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that powers either a front- or all-wheel drivetrain.

With the engine up front, the battery in the middle, and the power going to the rear, Toyota says it's able to provide the performance of a genuine sports vehicle while also offering the environmental friendliness of an economy auto.

On top of the gearknob there's a fighter jet-style ignition switch, while a closer look at the switchgear reveals what looks like GT86 parts - in particular for the heater and air-con controls and the traction control buttons.

"Drivers can delight in the performance of THS-R in a genuine sports auto", Toyota said, "while experiencing a sense of freedom thanks to the targa top". "Tj" stands for "toolbox" and "joy".

"The Tj Cruiser was designed for drivers with lifestyles where work and play dovetail seamlessly", the company added.

On the practical side, Toyota says it will explore a new crossover genre with the Tj Cruiser, a monolithic concept that merges the roominess of a cargo van with the feel of an SUV.

While we're unsure at this point whether this vehicle will even make production, Dr Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, announced at the Frankfurt motor show that the huge Japanese carmaker is intending on producing performance hybrid products that promise a more dynamic driving character.

There's up to 3 metres of available cargo space and Toyota say that's enough room to carry a surfboard.

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