Teens Get Their Own Amazon Accounts, With Parents' Approval

Amazon now lets teenagers shop via separate logins attached to their parents' accounts

Amazon has shifted is attention towards teenagers.

If parents don't want to micromanage, they can set pre-approved spending limits for the kids on their account.

Minors ages 13 through 17 will now be allowed to create their own login and independently shop on the Amazon app, instead of using their parents' account log in.

Their credit card information will be hidden on the teen accounts, as will their purchase and browsing histories.

Teens can also input a reason they need an item. We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents. To get started, parents can visit amazon.com/forteens. It has tried to strike a balance between convenience and trust that parents require.

Afterwards, the teen will log into the Amazon App using their own username and password.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Amazon is doing everything it can to get its Prime service in as many households as possible. Parents can set customized spending limits and approval requirements, and teens can send personalized notes like, "this is the book I need for class", Amazon said. Once received, the parent confirms which payment method and shipping address will be used for teens' orders. Parents can then allow or deny the attempt with a simple "Y" or "N" reply to the automated message. Once the order is placed, parents can see an itemized invoice and are able to cancel and return items, according to Amazon.com's normal terms.

With the full slate of benefits still included, students enrolled in a four- or two-year college will still have access to services like Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, Free One-Day shipping (where available), and more.

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