Taylor Swift to release her own app

Taylor Swift has an app now because life is a nightmare

Taylor Swift has opened up a new battleground in her current blitzkrieg on pop culture.

The app is made in partnership with Glu, the company behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which became a massive hit upon its release in 2014 and paved the way for games fromKaty Perry and Britney Spears.

Taylor Swift appeared in a video announcing the app. Watch below.

Glu CEO Nick Earl referred to her app as "a new digital entertainment project", and "a deeply social environment", but a press release didn't give any further details. And what's a social platform without emojis? And similarly, it promises "exclusive" content and photos and direct engagement with Swift.

But we can't know for sure until the app's public release later this year.

Swift will also release a new album on November 10, called "Reputation".

Swift has become known for personally reaching out to fans in the past.

As you may have noticed, The Swift Life focuses primarily on letting T-Swift fans connect with Taylor and each other through message boards, quizzes, etc. "Taylor is overhauling her image", a source exclusively told Us Weekly in August.

"I think you guys are really going to like this", Swift says in the video announcing the app.

Unlike Kimmy's, it won't be a game, but rather an interactive social app named The Swift Life™, set to drop later this year. "It would be. preferable if you did", she adds in mock self-effacement.

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