Super Mario Odyssey trailer is a Broadway musical

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Only 20 games so far have managed to achieve this feat so Super Mario Odyssey getting this score is an accomplishment in itself.

As revealed on the game's official site, Nintendo stated that all outfits can be unlocked even without Amiibo.

By now, there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind that Super Mario Odyssey is going to be at least a little weird. Some Amiibo will offer some help, while others offer new costumes.

It's another strong trailer leading to Super Mario Odyssey's release on October 27th, but the dance-y Japanese Link to the Past commercial will always be my fave. Odyssey is certainly one of the best looking Nintendo games ever, and the new Snapshot mode is something to be excited about.

Finally, those who pick up the Bowser figure will get to don his wedding outfit within the game and will also be provided with information on the locations of the regional coins.

Super Mario Odyssey is no different, as it proves it knows how to have fun with its live-action Broadway inspired romp through New Donk City.

Along with the recent trailer, there has been brand new gameplay shown off, a surprise appearance at the Nintendo World Championships, a Nintendo Direct and more. The gameplay looks enjoyable, with the ability to "capture" control of items and animals using "Cappy" being something special.

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