Snapchat's new Context Cards give users less reason to search

Above Snapchat Context Cards

They're essentially adverts, which are created to display information about businesses, venues and places, and make it easier for you to visit or make a booking with them.

While geo-focused snaps contain geographic information, the new Context Cards will give users so much more to look at. If you want to quickly head over to a new hiking trail a buddy of yours shared, you can call a ride from Uber or Lyft right within Snapchat. If another friend posts a Story from Thailand and you're feeling like you've missed out, TripAdvisor will let you book directly from Snapchat. However, thanks to Snapchat's many partners that it's working with for context cards, you can actually do more than just browse static information.

On Tuesday, Snapchat announced that it is adding a new feature what it's calling "Context Cards", to deliver more information about the places or business from which people are snapping.

While the format of Context Cards is unique to Snapchat, the concept of integrating with third-party applications to allow for bookings is not new.

Context Cards pull data from a number of partners including TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, and goop.

In the context of a restaurant, users can expect to see info on the Context Cards as reviews, contact numbers, hours of operations, means to make a reservation and so on.

The Context Cards also has the information neatly arranged in different cards with each card showing related information. While revenues increased 153 per cent year-on-year in its most recent results for the quarter ending in June, its quarter-on-quarter increase in daily active users was 4 per cent, slower than some analysts had expected.

The Snapchat Support page on Twitter has admitted that its users had complained of having issues with the app, and that they were looking into the problem.

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