Nigerian thrashed in Delhi for alleged theft attempt

A video has surfaced in which Ahmed who is tied to a pole can be seen being thrashed by Kumar and some other with sticks. Screen Grab

Delhi Police today arrested five people in connection with the assault on a Nigerian national in Malviya Nagar.

After a video of the incident surfaced on Mondy, police registered a case and arrested a man, identified as Krishan Kumar, in whose house Ahmed had entered to commit burglary on September 24.

Contradicting this, the video footage shows that he had been tied to a pole and was thrashed mercilessly even when he pleaded for to stop beating him.

Men can also be heard saying, " Get red chilly" and "Beat him harder". Local residents, however, claimed he fell down the stairs when he was trying to escape.

The residents rejected claims that the attack was racial, alleging that Ahmad had been terrorising the area for two months.

In the video, the Nigerian man can be seen tied to a lamp pole and beaten by sticks.

He was allegedly caught in the early hours of September 24, inside the house of Krishna Kumar. He was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail as police said they had no clue until the videos emerged about the assault.The videos prompted police to register a separate case of assault.

He was barely conscious and severely wounded when the mob handed-over the man to the police. The Hindu reported that the locals produced three videos, all showing Ahmad comitting crimes at different times. We want to know why he did not tell doctors or the investigating officer about the attack. The African missions in the Capital may again take up the matter with New Delhi strongly if past precedence is anything to go by.

He was taken to the hospital where his injuries were treated, said the police.

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