New Xbox One S Bundles Come with Games, Game Pass, and Gold

But, you do obtain the one-month subscription for Xbox Game Pass. In addition, you'll find the Xbox One S Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle, the Xbox One S Ultimate Halo Bundle and the Xbox One S Starter bundle, which includes no games but three months of Xbox live Gold + Xbox Games Pass.

The Minecraft pack includes a download code for Minecraft, a code for the forthcoming Minecraft Explorer's pack DLC, plus all eight episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1.

Xbox Live Gold - Enjoy 3 months of Xbox Live Gold to join the online Minecraft community and build, dig and craft together with friends.

Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg confirmed that no adaptor would be offered in response to a tweet asking about the situation.

Still wondering what soccer would be like with rocket-equipped cars?

Unfortunately, what the listing doesn't tell us is exactly how The Evil Within 2 will be enhanced on Xbox One X. Looking at the likes of Crackdown 3's listing, you can see that 4K and HDR are both mentioned on the page.

PlayStation 4 has all the best games, that's what they say. Hence, 3 months of choosing from a library of over 100 games.

Also available at the same $279/£229/€279 price point is the Xbox One S Starter Bundle, which packages the console with 3 months of Xbox Live Gold and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass, or the Xbox One S Ultimate Halo Bundle, available exclusively in the United States at Walmart for $279.

Curry's is dangling the carrot of Forza 7, Halo 5: Guardians and Quantum Break to those tempted to upgrade to the most powerful Xbox ever.

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