Microsoft kills of Groove Music streaming service, aligns with Spotify

Microsoft kills of Groove Music streaming service, aligns with Spotify

Microsoft announced today that it's getting out of the online music business.

You can, of course, continue using the Groove app on Windows 10 and Xbox One. So, there's not any surprising thing as Microsoft is picking Spotify as its preferred partner for Groove Music Subscribers.

As part of the Groove Music Pass program, subscribers also received a complimentary allotment of OneDrive storage.

If you have an active annual subscription, the same refund policy as the monthly subscription's applies here.

The next step depends on whether you are a Spotify customer already or not.

The company will stop serving subscription customers and selling music downloads at the end of December, but maintain the app as a way to play local music libraries. Groove Music will join the many indie apps and platforms that have called it quits in the wake of Spotify's dominance, and it won't be the last. Given the competition and the fact that Spotify is now available on the Xbox One, it's no surprise that Microsoft has chose to give up on Groove Music, more specifically the Groove Music Pass.

This means that Microsoft is without a music service of its own for the first time in over a decade. Microsoft seems all-in on Xbox Live and is looking to it as a way to help monetize Windows. And unlike in the past, there isn't another Microsoft-branded service waiting in the wings.

Microsoft isn't likely to come out and bluntly say that it has failed to capture any relevant market share in this space, but this move is about as clear an admission as any. "Microsoft wasted money and effort for years here".

Once you are signed in, a popup is displayed in the application that explains what is happening (Groove Music Pass shutting down, migration to Spotify an option). If you want to save playlists from Groove Explore, you'll need to make copies of them for your account.

A chatbot extension on the Bing search engine adds another level of utility for users to get a more seamless and friction-free experience, as well as an opportunity for brands to directly connect with consumers.

Microsoft is seeking testers for its alternative to Amazon's AWS Snowball: Its Azure Data Box data-transfer appliance and service.

Microsoft is expanding its Dynamics 365 lineup with new modular SaaS apps, and is selling customizable virtual support-agent services under the "Dynamics 365 AI" brand.

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