Miami Police Kill Temple University Student Accused of Running Over Officer

Ocean Drive became a popular filming location

A student from Temple University was shot and killed by police in Miami Beach after the auto she was driving struck an officer in what appeared to be an attempt to flee the scene of an accident.

Cariann Denise Hithon, 22, was driving her black BMW when she crashed into several cars in South Beach, a popular tourist district, police said. After running into the auto, an officer tried to pursue her on foot, but she ran into him as well, Police Chief Daniel Oates said in a press conference.

Witnesses also said that cops later tried to get her out of the auto. "She rear-ended it, and after she rear-ended it, she drove off", he said. "She actually drove off again and ran over a police officer, and after that, shots were fired".

A video of the shooting has now surfaced on Instagram, and in the clip Hilton's auto lurches forward as Officer David Cajuso rolls over the car's hood, seemingly prompting a second officer to shoot into the window.

Miguel Garcia, another witness, recalled: "So everyone is like, 'Oh my God!"

"They're drunk", a woman can be heard saying to the police. The woman was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center where she died. He was released Monday morning.

- A Maryland woman was fatally shot by police in Florida after she struck and injured an officer, police said.

"She liked to drive fast, but what young person doesn't drive fast?" he said.

Butchko's passenger, Miami Beach lawyer Sean Ellsworth, added: "I was literally shocked she would drive into four or five officers. She was just loving life and having a good time". "They were doing CPR", said Davis. Once police arrived on the scene and asked the driver to get out of the auto, the driver slammed the accelerator and ran over a police officer. A man who was with her in the vehicle was taken for questioning.

According to Hithon's LinkedIn page, she was pursuing a degree in political science and government from Hampton University in Virginia.

"We await all the facts as this is still a breaking story, but our thoughts are with Cariann's friends and family during this tremendously hard time", Temple spokeswoman Sarah Madaus said in a statement.

Video film presented on Instagram demonstrate an uproarious swarm assembling around Hithon's BMW as somebody yells, "She alcoholic as sh-" and her taking off and running the officer over.

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