Mazda 3 Design Revealed Already?

Mazda Teases Sleek Sedan Concept For Tokyo Debut

Mazda also did say that the concept will come in as a compact hatchback model with next-gen tech and design and that it will be running on the Skyactive-X spark controlled compression ignition engine. Mazda announced today that this engine, dubbed Skyactiv-X, is headed to the next-gen 3, a vehicle that'll be previewed as a concept at this month's Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda isn't describing it as such, but the proportions and design of the "product concept" points toward it being the basis of the next Mazda 3.

Although Mazda is not declaring the hatchback concept as a preview of the Mazda3 using those words, the company is confirming that a production version of this concept will happen. Mazda has simply said that this concept will be a design study to showcase how the company's Kodo design theme will evolve going forward. It appears to be a sleek sedan with a long hood and short rear overhangs.

Mazda's second, Tokyo-bound concept is a bit more pie-in-the-sky.

Along with the two concepts, Mazda's Japan-only CX-8 - a sleeker, if not less practical variant of the CX-9 - plus a special edition MX-5 Miata will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 27.

"Our stand this year marks the beginning of a new era for Mazda".

Looks like "Zoom-Zoom" fans have much to be excited about as Mazda has announced and teased two new concept cars on its way to the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

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