Hulu lowers price of its cheapest plan to $5.99. What's the catch?

Hulu gives limited offer $2 discount to new returning subscribers
       By Ida Torres

The service has temporarily lowered its entry-level price for new customers.

It just so happens, VARIETY reports, that Hulu has made a decision to kick off a short-term promotion of offering its entry-level streaming plan (with commercials inserted into the viewing experience) at $2 off per month for new customers' first year - $5.99 monthly.

The adjusted pricing is only available for new customers who sign up now and will only be offered for a limited time. If you prefer the more expensive but commercial-free plan, you have to pay $11.99 per month but it seems like there's no discount available. Likewise, the company has a new Live TV beta for $40 per month, which combines a live/on-demand TV service with Hulu's standard streaming collection. But from now until January 9, 2018, you can get it at $5.99. This should bring in more subscribers before its new original content hits. A Hulu spokesperson told Variety that the streaming service is timing its own promotion to coincide with the return of TV networks' fall television season lineups.

If you're thinking about getting on Hulu or going back to Hulu, you have 2 months to decide before the $2 less offer expires. Hulu has been willing to work with them by promoting their networks, like NBC, during episodes of the shows it carries, such as This Is Us, and sharing a slice of the ad revenue it earns during those programs, the publication reported.

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