How To Check If You Downloaded A Fake Version Of AdBlock Plus

How To Check If You Downloaded A Fake Version Of AdBlock Plus

It isn't yet clear if the fake extension had malicious intentions, but Google's failure to spot it is extremely concerning regardless, both for users and developers.

The malicious extension was possibly able to bypass Google's Chrome extension-vetting process because extensions are only looked into by Google's security teams when they are reported by users or other concerned researchers.

It is typically advised by companies that users should not install apps from third-party app stores.

Regardless, Google shouldn't be letting this sort of phony extension slip through the net, and hopefully a review of Chrome store moderation procedures will be underway as we type...

In 2014, Google blogged about the problem and mentioned how fake Chrome extensions could inject ads or secretly track your PC's activity.

In a post on its website, Google writes, "Within minutes of being confirmed as malware, it was removed from the Chrome Web Store as well as from the machines of users who previously installed it".

Situations like this happen because the process of uploading extensions on the Chrome Web Store is automated and Google employees only intervene when the extension is reported.

It's now unclear if the fake Adblock Plus extension is to blame.

A phony one pretending to be from Adblock Plus recently managed to sneak into the Google Chrome Web Store and attract over 37,000 users.

The excellent cybersecurity expert who goes by the Twitter name SwiftOnSecurity discovered the phony extension, which has since been taken down by Google. Reportedly, the search giant is already working on the ad-blocking feature, which will be unveiled for the Chrome users soon. The company said at the time that it received 75 percent fewer support requests from users regarding unwanted extensions.

Google has announced a number of steps to combat annoying ads over recent months.

Hallelujah. Starting in January 2018, Chrome is going to save us from autoplay videos.

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