Game Boy Classic May Be Nintendo's Next Big Seller

Game Boy box art

A Twitter bot tasked with skimming Japanese trademarks recently stumbled across one from Nintendo that has the Internet talking.

Those still hunting for a SNES Classic Edition in the United States have at least two options for where they have a chance to buy one this week. While the console comes with a small selection of pre-loaded borders to give players something to fill their widescreen televisions while playing old school titles-some even dynamically change color depending on the game you're playing- there's plenty of room for improvement. The trademark does not specifically reference a "Game Boy Classic Edition" or offer up any real details, but there is no mistaking the rendered image for anything but a Game Boy system of some sort. Before punching your ticket on that hype train, however, there are a few things to consider.

NintendoPromotional picture for the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini.

So it could be that Nintendo is simply attempting to market the design of the Game Boy rather than re-release the console. His update to the original hakchi works on the SNES Classic Mini, miniature NES, Famicom, and Super Famicom devices, and is an easy unpacking job. Nintendo shrank down the size of the machine but cleverly left the controllers untouched, resulting in exact replicas that afford the same feel we experienced decades ago. Mess with that formula and you're asking for trouble.

The SNES Classic Mini is the 16-bit, retro version of the SNES, but it only comes with 21 games out of the box - we can assume that majority involve moustached men in dungarees - and "Cluster" does not feel that this is enough.

The Nintendo SNES Classic Mini includes "Super Mario World" and "F-Zero" when it is purchased.

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