Ex-boyfriend of Alina Sheykhet sought by police

Ex-boyfriend of Alina Sheykhet sought by police

He is charged with homicide, burglary, theft, flight and possessing an instrument of crime, according to police.

Then he somehow made it into her apartment, where he killed the 20-year-old with a claw hammer and two knives, police said.

Ms Sheykhet, a physical therapist student at the University of Pittsburgh, filed a protection-from-abuse order against Mr Darby last month.

The driver took Darby to Semple and Ward streets, where Darby asked him to wait for 10 minutes before walking in the direction of Sheykhet's home, police said.

Darby instructed the driver to take him to Cable Place, near the home Sheykhet shared with roommates, police said.

"We do not believe at this time that this was a random act of violence", Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said in a statement. Police do not believe the situation, which occurred off campus, provides further threat to the University community.

University of Pittsburgh student Alina Sheykhet ignored all five calls from her ex-boyfriend Matthew Darby in the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning before she was brutally murdered at her off-campus apartment.

Police and paramedics were first dispatched to the scene Sunday at 8:56 a.m.

"Upon arrival, officers discovered the 20-year-old female on the second floor of the residence", police said in a news release.

'It appears that the death was from blunt force trauma'. Darby has not been charged in Sheykhet's death, but was arrested two weeks ago and charged with one count of felony criminal trespassing related to a September 21 incident at Sheykhet's home.

Sheykhet had also been a student at Pitt-Greensburg, but transferred to the Oakland campus this year, another university spokesperson said.

Authorities are searching for Matthew Darby, 21, whom she had sought a restraining order against.

In the rape case, Darby was released on $10,000 bail September 26, the same day he was arrested on the trespassing charges.

Darby was charged in March with rape, sexual assault and other charges in another county.

The Sheykhet family declined to comment when The Pitt News contacted them Monday evening.

'Defendent (sic) climbed up the gutter on the side of the house and broke through the second floor window of my home. She did not answer any of them.

Alina was found after her parents came to pick her up and no one answered the door. "So we tried to open the door". She was found on the floor. "Right now we are looking at several different possible scenarios as to the circumstances surrounding this", Pittsburgh Police Sgt. William Vollbergn said. They became closer friends when they both attended Montour High School, and Smith said their friendship continued through college.

Her father kicked down the door as the housemates were asleep. He said those who knew her will miss her enthusiasm and ability to lighten everyone's mood. "I was devastated", Abel said.

"At this time I have just that, allegations".

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