Cortana makes a timid debut in Skype

Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

The integration of an artificial intelligence assistant into a messaging app isn't a unique feature for Skype but definitely keeps it competitive.

Microsoft said the feature will be rolling out gradually, starting today, to iOS and Android users in the US. No word yet if this will be available in the upcoming Fall Creators Update or be added later in a later Windows 10 update.

For example, Cortana can suggest preset replies for common questions or sentences, it can suggest nearby restaurants, offer movie review scores, and more. The bell of suspicion rings especially after reading Skype's intro of Cortana. This new update brings Cortana support to the Microsoft-owned Skype app.

The move to bring Cortana inside Skype was announced past year at the Microsoft Build 2016 conference and followed similar efforts by Google and Facebook.

Make sure you have the latest version of Skype for Mobile installed on your device.

Still, getting Cortana started inside of Skype is the first step toward making this kind of service useful, and at least Microsoft is there now. Plus, Cortana can also intervene in any conversation.

This is a good move as Cortana can save time by smart replies. Cortana is available in Skype and is created to help you with details to support the conversations you have every day. Thus, you can ask questions to Cortana as per your needs and get answered.

This means if you ask someone to go to the movies with you, it will give you access to movie times. Just like with other assistants, you have to use it a lot so it can understand your digital behavior. Cortana can detect when you're talking about scheduling events or things you have to do and will recommend setting up a reminder, which you will receive on all your devices that have Cortana enabled.

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