Colbert Invites Jon Stewart to Give Trump 'Equal Time' During His Monologue

Jon Stewart tries to put positive spin on Trump

Colbert kicked things off with an anti-Trump joke, Stewart then hesitated to say something positive. Considering "The Late Show's" propensity to make fun of the president, Colbert decided it would be fair to bring some "balance" to the program.

In a tweet that referred to late-night TV as "unfunny" and "always anti-Trump", the commander-in-chief also requested equal time - which only applies to political candidates at the time of a campaign, not after they've been elected. He asked his followers if "we" (referring to Republicans, presumably) should get "Equal Time" (which was inexplicable capitalized in his tweet).

Colbert explained how it would work, he would perform the usual comedy, teasing the president, and Stewart would serve as a the "balance". While his initial reaction was "no", the host was feeling charitable and made a decision to give him "equal time" anyway "just to make [him] feel better".

"I know that one: No", Colbert said in response to Trump's question. "Look out for the spinoff, 'Young Jesus".

Stewart was invited to make a positive spin.

"Donald Trump... is not... a cannibal", Stewart barely managed.

The skit ended the same way, this time with Colbert affirming that the Leader of the Free World does not eat his fellow man.

Stewart unsure on what to say, remains silent until asking Colbert if he could "have more time". "Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have left is his face", Colbert joked.

Stewart: Donald Trump is great to women!

Colbert: Maybe. I'd fact check that.

"Donald Trump." A pause. But it was a casually dressed Stewart who stole the show, shaking himself and bouncing on the spot to fire himself up for the monumental task at hand, and looking hilariously, adorably stricken when Colbert gestured at the mic to indicate it was his turn to share.

That's when Jon Stewart walked out to join Colbert on stage.

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