Coach Is Changing Its Name to Tapestry

Coach Spring 2018

Coach Inc., the luxury fashion company, announced today that they are changing their name.

To better incorporate all of the brands it now owns, the storied Coach company of NY is changing its name to Tapestry.

Still, social media reacted harshly to the 76-year old company changing its well-known corporate identity with many Twitter users criticizing the decision that calls for Tapestry being the holding entity that houses the Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands. Yes, a tapestry is a woven cloth made of various threads that combine to form a attractive picture or whatever; that's a lofty goal for your holding company, sir, but it's a really dumb name! This included signing performer Selena Gomez as Coach brand ambassador in December 2016.

Google Inc. restructured into Alphabet Inc.

The corporate name is being changed mainly to reflect that the company's expanding portfolio.

Then there's the routinely maligned Tronc, the new name for the newspaper publisher that used to be called Tribune. Philip Morris Co. morphed into Altria Group Inc. A spokesman for Charter said the company already had begun renaming its cable operations Spectrum before the acquisition, and changed Time Warner's name to have one consistent brand.

"Similarly, nonprofit digital content director J. Christian Bernabe derided, "$COH changing its name to 'Tapestry" is a frightful branding idea. Tapestry was chosen because it represents "the idea of weaving together the brands to form something handsome", a spokeswoman for Coach said.

But corporate rebranding rarely resonates beyond Wall Street, he said.

And the now defunct Woolworth chain of five and dime stores curiously changed its name to Venator in the late 1990s ... before changing it once more to Foot Locker, a reflection of the fact that the company owns Foot Locker.

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