Beware of Health Issues with Halloween Costumes

Beware of Health Issues with Halloween Costumes

Parents are being warned about the dangers of lice, as they search for the ideal Halloween costume for their kids. Well whether it's a cute costume for you son, a sexy one for yourself or a scary one too, there's nothing scarier than the fact that your costumes may be ridden with lice.

Watch out for head lice in masks and costumes, pediatric nurse practitioner Cherie Sexton told Toledo, Ohio, station WTOL-TV.

Doctors say they see a jump in lice this time of year and Halloween costumes may be to blame.

"We have a lot of people going into stores right now, trying on masks, trying on costumes and trying on wigs". She adds that the risk of infection can last up to a week after coming into contact with an infected someone-or something. Before wearing your costume or wig, putting it into a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours will kill any lice, which die within 24-48 hours.

You can also put dryer-friendly items in the dryer on high for 45 minutes before wearing them to kill any bugs or lice.

A lot of parents sat they didn't realize how easily head lice can spread when trying on a mask, wig or hat. "Even if it has the brand new tags on it from the store it was from, we still recommend you wash it anyway, just because you never really know where the garment has been before it's come to us".

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