Amazon has made a waterproof 7-inch Kindle e-reader

Amazon has made a waterproof 7-inch Kindle e-reader

Kindle Oasis is available for pre-order from Amazon starting today, with shipping due to start on October 31.

Amazon is taking pre-orders of the Kindle Oasis right now, which you can head on to if you are really fond of its larger display and water resistance capability.

The Oasis has a 7-inch, 300 ppi display housed in an aluminum case that can be submersed in up to two meters of fresh water for up to an hour and withstand splashes from pool or beach water.

Amazon just announced the all-new Kindle Oasis. The battery bulges along the back, creating a hand grip, and there are page turn buttons on the front. Believe me, once you've used that, you'll never go back. There is also an option of choosing from five levels of boldness and new font-sizes.

The design is roughly similar to the previous model. Why the Oasis? Because the Kindle Oasis is waterproof. With its flat front that won't trap sand, this a flawless beach device.

Audible audiobook support has also, finally, arrived. If you're a subscriber, it will list your books alongside your Kindle titles - and if you want to listen, you can simply pair with either a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones. Amazon says the battery charges faster and holds charges for up to 6 weeks.

Furthermore, the original Oasis had a built-in battery that promised around two weeks of power, but it also shipped with a separate battery cover that connected to the Oasis via a little port on the rear to give it another seven weeks. Instead you can buy one for £39 in fabric or £54 in leather. The long and short of it, though, is that they all do the job and cost an terrible lot less than the Kindle Oasis. But what makes the new Kindle the ultimate e-reading machine? The software update for Audible audiobook support will also arrive for the 8th-generation Kindle and last year's Kindle Oasis. But Amazon is all about the customer, so the company chose to give it a name that literally means something to customers - the Oasis. Barnes & Noble's Nook business is dead, and Kobo has never been able to get real traction in the United States (although it's popular in Canada) outside of free-software fans and hardcore Amazon haters.

That 7-inch screen is good for 30 per cent more words per page, says Amazon - or it means larger text for better viewability overall.

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