Woman who struck cop with vehicle

Officers opened fire after the woman drove into the cop

A woman was shot and killed by police in Florida after she sped her auto through the streets of South Beach and ran over a police officer, news reports say.

Cariann Denise Hithon, 22, was driving a black BMW at a high rate of speed when she crashed into two vehicles on 12th Street and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida, according to investigators.

She then proceeded to drive her auto into another parked vehicle, before being shot by police. The impact sent the officer into the air, police say.

Miami-Dade Police have identified a woman shot and killed after she reportedly ran down an officer while attempting to flee the scene of an accident. She continued to travel on 12th Street after the shooting and came to a complete stop after hitting another parked vehicle.

Both the officer and Hithon were taken to a nearby hospital. Police say Hithon was seen "driving erratically" at 6:15 p.m. before crashing into a vehicle at 12th Street and Ocean Drive.

"She looked like she was messed up", said Miguel Garcia, a tourist from Chile who said he ran to the vehicle after the crash.

Cary Hithon is demanding answers but said he's waiting for an autopsy and toxicology report.

A video of the shooting has now surfaced on Instagram, and in the clip Hilton's vehicle lurches forward as Officer David Cajuso rolls over the car's hood, seemingly prompting a second officer to shoot into the window.

"She liked to drive fast, but what young person doesn't drive fast?" he said.

Miami-Dade Police detectives are investigating the incident. But investigators said they believe Hithon and her male friend - who was seen by witnesses casually getting out of the auto before she accelerated - may have been drinking heavily earlier Sunday.

The father of a college student who was shot and killed by police after they say she ran over a Miami Beach officer is speaking out, as video showing the fatal encounter was posted on social media. "She wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who weren't as fortunate as her". The shooting remains under investigation.

He said she was majoring in political science and had a bright future.

As to why his daughter may have acted that way, her father said, "I don't know".

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