Donald Penn Says Fan Threw Bottle at His Car Before Verbal Altercation

Donald Penn Says Fan Threw Bottle at His Car Before Verbal Altercation

Video taken after Sunday's game shows OT Donald Penn having a confrontation with one fan in the player parking lot, and it's potentially very scary, considering that the only thing initially standing between the two is a pair of security guards.

Penn appears to attempt to deescalate the situation before responding to a storm of curses with some of his own.

A Twitter user posted a NSFW video of Penn in a verbal exchange with a fan after leaving his vehicle.

As of Monday morning, the team has not issued a press release regarding the incident.

In the video, Penn gets out of his auto to confront the group of hecklers as security keeps them separated, until a police officer gets Penn to leave. He explained later that one of the fans threw a bottle at his vehicle, and that's why he stopped and got out.

Shortly after the video came out, Raiders punter Marquette King sent a tweet of a goat emoji and Penn's Twitter handle.

The Raiders dropped to 2-3 and saw their offense struggle in their first outing without quarterback Derek Carr. But here's where I'd like to remind everyone-including insane Raider fans-that it's just football, jesus, chill out. He was named to his second Pro Bowl after the 2016 season.

Next week, the Raiders host the 1-4 Chargers. Penn added that the fan was trying to get a reaction out of him "so he could sue me" and that he was glad that he backed away.

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