Shane Warne cleared of allegedly hitting woman in nightclub

Witnesses said they'd seen Warne become involved in an argument with the glamour model in Loulou's nightclub on Friday night after which she fell to the floor holding her face

Former cricketer Shane Warne has said he was "shocked" to read allegations of an assault reported in London media.

Although 48-year-old Warne admitted that he was "shocked" to be accused of assaulting an adult entertainment actress, he fully co-operated with the police throughout the investigation.

Valerie Fox, 30, posted has tweets claiming she was hit in the face by a "famous" person in the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to British tabloid, The Sun, glamour model Valerie Fox, who has appeared in dozens of porn star films, complained to cops and tweeted photos of bruises said to have been caused by Warne. Valerie Foxx took to Twitter to address her naysayers and wrote, "And no, I'm not lying".

"This is now the end of the matter".

In tweets shared with her 71,000 followers the glamour model claimed she was "the victim of a disgusting assault" that has been reported to the Metropolitan Police. The CCTV at the club is expected to provide key evidence to the incident.

The spin wizard attended a central London police station on Sunday afternoon, where he was quizzed by police over the allegations.

Scotland Yard confirmed police had looked in to an allegation of assault at a nightclub in Westminster in the early of hours of Saturday.

At the time, a police officer confirmed that a man matching Shane's description was being "interviewed under caution in connection with the incident".

A spokesman added last night: "He has since been released with no further action to be taken".

Ms Fox was also at the centre of a scandal with politician Nigel Farage earlier in 2017 after the pair reportedly kissed and groped each other while on a transatlantic flight.

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