Megyn Kelly's New Morning Show Is 'Far from Successful'

Megyn Kelly Addresses Fears

CNN said Kelly delivered an awkward performance, trying to reinvent herself in the vein of an Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres. Fans on social media let Megyn Kelly have it on Twitter during the premiere episode of "Megyn Kelly TODAY".

Based on first impressions, Kelly is working awfully hard at being herself. But there she was mounting a charm offensive - fielding questions from the audience, receiving flowers from her husband and warmly yukking it up with the cast and producers of "Will & Grace", in an interview that wouldn't have looked out of place on any other daytime talk show or "Access Hollywood". She compared it to her decision to abandon law to become a journalist and ending her first marriage: they weren't bad experiences, but she knew there was something better.

Kelly. the former Fox News anchor, told a live studio audience in the show's opening moments that "I'm kind of done with politics for now" and said instead she hoped to help viewers "get yourself through the day, to have a laugh with us, a smile, sometimes a tear - and maybe a little hope to start your day".

After that, Kelly welcomed the stars of NBC's "Will & Grace", which returns to the network Thursday night.

The hour crawled by.

Her new NBC program appears to be as directionless as the first. I'm not going to defend him or not defend him, but that quote you just gave me was wrong.

Of her cable news anchor days, she said it "was good, until it wasn't".

What did you think of Kelly's Today debut?

Kelly ended the hour with a short, prerecorded puff-piece about a Chicago nun, Sister Donna Liette, who ministers to young men and their mothers in the city's roughest neighborhoods. Hallelujah and God bless - the hour was finally over. Rest assured that "something" has to do with the wonderful, hopeful, shallow world of being Megyn Kelly.

While Trump himself has moved on, the conservative Breitbart news site has Kelly in its sights, with unsourced stories in recent weeks saying NBC co-workers were bothered by Kelly's "divalike" behavior, and that NBC insiders are in a "total panic" about the show.

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