Here's What Previous Star Trek Stars Think of Discovery


The visual effects are special and I was anxious that having to stream the series through CBS' service, All Access, on a 2015 MacBook Pro would ruin that experience somehow. A whopping 20.60 million people watched the Packers vs. Bengals game, and the game scored a 5.5 in the 18-49 demographic, which made for the highest numbers in viewership and ratings for all of primetime on September 24. On the one hand, some characters show exciting potential. In truth, the first two episodes that arrive on Netflix today - "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars" - function more as a standalone TV movie, setting up the tone and feel of the show while leaving about as much wiggle room for the future as conceivably possible.

Did it accomplish the latter?

Jonathan Frakes, who famously taught us all how to sit in chairs as William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation and will direct an episode of Discovery, seconded Visitor's assessment.

Not that you get much of the Discovery in these episodes of Discovery. That set looked really expensive.

It gets enough things right that it's hard not to see as a success, but it would be a tragedy if Star Trek forgot that it's about explorers and not soldiers. The network debuted the Star Trek Discovery opening credit sequence shortly before the premiere, while also revealing the first four episode titles. But the things that're worrisome about Discovery go deeper than the visuals: There's the fact Discovery is relying on Klingons, yet again, as adversaries.

Sonequa Martin-Green as "Michael Burnham;" initially a Starfleet First Officer whose rank/status get... That said, those same actions are also a bit tough to buy into as a viewer, and considering how important they are, the pilot rushes through them too fast. Tonally, Discovery seems to land between the previous TV series and the more recent movies-there's technobabble and diplomacy (however poorly said diplomacy goes), but there's also a whole lot of money thrown at pretty CGI. Maybe if one of the new shows doesn't work out, it can be replaced with "Discovery". What's it been like being in the playground of this new time period and continuity?

Bormanis also called the new, retro-style yellow transporter effects "cool" (though as any quantum physicist will tell you, still a highly improbable technology), but had a few gripes about Discovery's make-over of the transporter room, which definitely has a retro-vintage vibe. At the same time, fans have anxious that none of these visuals line up with the history of the show - Discovery is basically set at the same time as "The Cage", the original Trek pilot which starred Jeffrey Hunter.

In 2017, if you're asking viewers to pay more for a TV show-and do so month after month, and juggle another subscription, and another password, and another app-it better be great. Where do we find the Empire going into the series? In the meantime, I'm going to wait and see.

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