'Overwhelming Evidence': Prince William Not Alone in Calls for UK Drug Reform

Prince William's first gift for his third child is absolutely perfect

There's obviously a lot of pressure growing on areas about legalizing drugs.

How could you forget her custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, with it's lace, long sleeves and lengthy train took the world's breath away as Kate said "I do" to her real-life prince.

While the Duke's comments attracted controversy, it also drew comments from both sides of the debate. What are your individual opinions on that? And a gift - crafted by students who've gone through the Hanbury Project at Restoration Station - that represents helping others and instilling a sense of greater social objective, is a ideal fit for George and Charlotte and his future child, who will hopefully continue William and Kate's commitment to philanthropic efforts. He felt they were the "key people" to give their insight on the "big dangers" that involve drug use.

Blackburn replied: "No, it just punishes what you've done, not the reasons why".

Heather Blackburn, 49, from Hackney, offered her thoughts to the prince, explaining: "I think that it would be a good idea, but the money is kind of wasted on drug laws that put people in prison... of the people I've known in recovery, 95 percent have massive trauma and awful stuff happens to them and using drugs to cope and then you get put in prison, you don't get the facilities and actual help you need". Drugs are illegal because scientific and medical analysis has shown they are harmful to human health.

The Duke added: "So prison doesn't tackle the root cause of why someone is taking drugs?"

"Talking to you and being here, it feels like a question I had to ask, I appreciate your honesty". The Home Office said the United Kingdom government "has no plans to decriminalize drug misuse".

The event at the Buckingham Palace is reported to honor those in the mental health community in the UK.

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