Overwatch September Free Play Weekend: Here's When It Starts


Kaplan addresses the option to have a server dedicated to toxic players, but he has decided that those with bad intentions only deserved to be banned from the game entirely. Game modes include Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. As of next week, Overwatch will be laying out permanent bans in Competitive play and there will be absolutely no recovering from them.

Community Manager Josh Engen is quoted as saying that seasonal bans and permanent Competitive bans also won't decay or reset over time.

Players should note the severity of such bans, as the accumulation of three seasonal bans span across all seasons.

If you decide that after playing the game all weekend long that you want to buy Overwatch, there's some good news too. Players have the option to rejoin in-progress games; those who do not rejoin will receive a penalty. On that note, Blizzard is now discounting the game. The remaining players will receive neither a penalty nor a loss. Once you have Overwatch installed on your chosen platform, just sign up and you're ready to play. Also, Blizzard notes that "once an account is permanently banned, it now can not return to good standing".

The video below shows "Overwatch" director Jeff Kaplan reminding players to "play nice, play fair", before they are booted out of the game by Blizzard's new tools created to rid the community of its toxic members. The first few offenses will result in restrictions from competitive play, with each offense lengthening the time of the player being suspended. Do you think we will see less toxic players in the community, specifically in Comp Play?

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