Rihanna Announces New Fenty Beauty Collection

Rihanna Announces New Fenty Beauty Collection

Fenty products are nearly always sold out whenever they're released, which is why it's a surprise that some "fans" didn't know that Fenty is Rihanna's last name. Ready your wallets because the holiday collection is dropping on October 13. Her iconic launch collection was on full display to swatch and play with, while guests received personalized Fenty Face makeup consultations from the Fenty Beauty Global Artistry Team, including Hector Espinal (Global Artist) and James Kaliardos (Resident Artist). Looks like you'll be able to choose between four liquid lipsticks and four push-up lipsticks.

Following the release of her popular new makeup line Fenty Beauty, people took to Twitter to express their confusion at Rihanna's choice of name for the product. Set your reminder. now.

However, some fans learned something new about her this week.

Okay so we guess you guys can be forgiven if, unlike us, you haven't memorised her Wikipedia page off by heart.

Never failing to keep fans on their toes, Rihanna shared the day of the Paris launch that a holiday range will drop in just a couple of weeks.

While another stated: "When you figure out that Fenty is Rihanna's last name".

Also unsurprising? That the holiday drop is exactly what you would want from Fenty gone festive.

One blasted: "Call yourselves Rihanna fans but didn't know Fenty was her last name".

Rihanna has hailed her creations as "fun" make-up products that can be used to suit her customer's mood, outfit or occasion.

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