Police investigating after Tony Abbott 'headbutted' by man wearing 'Vote Yes' badge

Tony Abbott 'assaulted' in Hobart

Labe was released on bail to appear in the Hobart magistrates court at 9.30am on 23 October.

It is unclear why Mr Abbott told the media he was assaulted because of equal marriage, as Labe insists he said nothing to Abbott on the subject during the incident, though was reportedly wearing a small "Yes" badge.

Police have charged a 48-year-old man with assaulting Foster. "He was described as having short, spiky, "sandy" or "strawberry-coloured" hair, a medium build and being about 5'9" to 5'11" tall.

When asked by Sky News Presenter Andrew Bolt and radio host Steve Price if the former university boxer had considered fighting back he said "the thought certainly went through my mind" but he thought better of it.

"Violence like this is never acceptable". It's just about Tony Abbott, the fucking worm that he is.

"This was nothing to do with the Yes campaign, I'm not a campaigner, I'm a lone anarchist that felt the need to headbutt Tony Abbott because I didn't think it was an opportunity I'd get again". "It was deeply unfortunate that there was the incident against Kevin Rudd's godson, who was a supporter of same-sex marriage".

"I held out my hand".

"Normally a handshake is a sign of trust and peace".

"It was very disconcerting to find ... someone who under the guise of wanting to shake your hand gives you a so-called Liverpool kiss", Mr Abbott said.

"We absolutely condemn that and I just want to say that while one incident like that is one too many and it is to be deplored and condemned, nonetheless overwhelmingly, Australians, while they do have different views on this, are expressing those different views and discussing them in a very respectful way".

'It was pretty clear this was politically motivated violence'.

Tasmania state police had yet to say Thursday whether Abbott had lodged an official complaint.

His comments come after Malcolm Turnbull condemned the attack Mr Abbott suffered in Tasmania last night.

"Marriage equality is about respect and dignity for every Australian. our campaign has always and will continue to call for respect and everyone involved in this debate to act in a respectful and dignified way", he said in a separate statement.

According to Abbott, he does not have police protection since 2016 federal election campaign.

Successive opinion polls in recent years show that most Australians support marriage equality.

"There are 24 million of us and 16 million are getting postal surveys".

"I have great respect for the common sense of Australians and the wisdom of Australians".

"A bloke with a Yes badge walks out and says 'Hey, Tony, can I shake your hand?'".

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