Lady Gaga: Fame has been psychologically challenging

Lady gaga

Most of all, she feels insulted that Madonna used social media to sling the insult. She is not, however, as good of a guitarist as he was.

We rounded up 10 of Gaga's most revealing quotes from the doc.

There's a scene in vérité-style documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two in which the Poker Face-ed pop star plays a recording of a new song to her grandmother.

You can read the full interview with "Gaga: Five Foot Two" director Chris Morkarbel here.

Things changed when Gaga was accused of copying Madonna's hit Express Yourself when she released her track, Born This Way, in 2011. Is she a pop star or a musician? Depending on who you ask, that might make her more relatable.

On straying from the Gaga image: "I can see now".

After his pep talk, she went out and killed her performance. Just very very normal: family, friendships, work, illness, vulnerabilities, questions, insecurities, sadness, triumphs, love. She's very comfortable with her body and she's been nude before in photo shoots.

The piece ends where it begins: a floor-up shot of Gaga in studded stilettos, Stefanie left behind in the dressing room, being raised to the rafters of Houston's Reliant Stadium in preparation for the biggest gig of her career. Almost a decade after she burst to worldwide fame with 2008's The Fame with an array of masks, headgear, and wigs to hide her persona, there are moments of revelation and self-reflection dressed as a compelling pitch for the present chapter and ones to come.

In some ways, this is a relief; there are little of the Behind the Music biopic elements that would introduce us to a young Stefani Germanotta, the awkward school pictures (though they do show up), some blurry SD digital clips of her old pre-stardom downtown act. The smile on her face as she hugged her loved ones after said that it was all worth it.

As Gaga puts it in Five Foot Two, her love life "has just imploded". Gaga makes the point during a meeting with a her creative advisers that she's no longer giving the people Meat Dress Gaga. Again, normal for Gaga is still not really normal. At her niece's christening she can't help but command the camera's attention, whether she means to or not.

Lady Gaga has postponed her world tour's European leg until next year because of ongoing health problems, the tour's promoter said earlier this week. As for dirt, Moukarbel catches Gaga in an unguarded moment reacting to some of Madonna's comments about her. She cries a lot, she has meltdowns, and she often seems more needy than independent. It's a amusing thing, but sometimes the illusion is better than the reality. For the latest music news, be sure to follow IM on Twitter.

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