Apple extends movie rentals to 48 hours

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Apple has finally joined top streaming services in providing high-resolution movies. This is flawless for those of us with young kids who want to watch a movie over (and over and over) or busy schedules that don't let us get to our movies right away. Apple is selling 4K content on iTunes at the same price as HD content, so it's also possible that the company made deals with movie studios that included a restriction on 4K downloads. A movie in the iTunes Store might come with an HDR10 version, a Dolby Vision version, neither, or both. Apple TV 4K starts at $179 for 32GB variant and $199 for the 64GB variant in the US.

In better news for fans of entertainment, Apple is extending its movie rental limit across all devices to 48 hours in the U.S., up from the rather measly 24 hours it offered previously - that means you've got twice as long to finish your film if you can't watch it all in one go.

Users can purchase movies from select production houses on iTunes and Apple will make it 4K HDR compatible free of cost for the new Apple TV users.

But if you have a slower speed, or were hoping to download 4K versions to watch offline on other devices, you'll unfortunately be out of luck. It also comes with the support of HDR resolution so you can bring the reality to your Television set with the help of 4K HDR contents.

Netflix has now added HDR support for Apple's iPhone X and iPad Pro. The recently announced Apple TV 4K is a natural pick in that department.

You will pay more at the beginning for the devices but in the long run it will be worth it, if you intend on regularly buying 4K content. The 4K Apple TV can run MP4, H.264, and HEVC (H.265) codecs.

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