Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' unleashes magical new trailer

Get your first look at Wes Anderson’s new film ‘Isle of Dogs’ Jack Whatley

The story follows a boy who hijacks a plane and flies to the trash-heap in search of his missing pooch, Spot.

Created to be a tribute to the films of Akira Kurosawa, and set largely around a young Japanese boy, it's Wes Anderson's first fully animated film since 2009's Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The first trailer for Isle of Dogs was released today, and explains the core concept of the film, which is set in a dystopian Japan some 20 years in the future. In an hour-long Masterclass with ARTE Cinema, Anderson cited two influencers who couldn't seem more different: filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, and the stop-motion Christmas TV specials created by Rankin-Bass. "If he's alive. We'll find your dog", the dogs reassure the 12-year-old.

The movie features the voices of actors Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johansson, Tild Swinton, and more.

This is Anderson's first movie after The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), a critically acclaimed film that was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Only downside to this soon-to-be-masterpiece is that Isle of Dogs doesn't land in theaters until March 23rd, 2018.

I fall in the like category, and as such Isle of Dogs, looks absolutely wonderful to me from the get go. Atari's epic journey will decide the fate of the entire Prefecture.

Featuring numerous familiar actors we've become accustomed to when watching an Anderson film, the animated story is one of turmoil and political deceit... oh, and dogs.

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