Watch James Corden rock out to an '80s classic on 'Carpool Karaoke'

Watch James Corden rock out to an '80s classic on 'Carpool Karaoke'

Foo Fighters roared through old hits with James Corden during their surprise installment of "Carpool Karaoke". Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett was there to rip off the band-aid: "Well, we never let you in the band".

"It's so hard to beat this traffic", griped Corden at the beginning of the sketch.

They also had time to stop off at a music shop and play an impromptu gig for a small audience. Bassist Nate Parker, chilling in the backseat, remembered playing through a karaoke machine during his first jam session with Grohl.

"Were you really?" Grohl responded, then pointed to Corden and exclaimed, "Full circle!"

The song choices here serve as a good best-of for the Foos, ranging from late-'90s hits like "Learn to Fly" and well into the 2010s with new cut "The Sky Is a Neighborhood". "I mean I think I'd kick both [Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins] your asses because rhythm moves within me".

Near the end of the sketch, Corden drives by Guitar Center and he, Grohl and the rest of the band get out of the van to take a look at some primo gear. The entire band squeezed into Corden's vehicle for The Late Late Show sing-along segment, which culminated with a three-way drum-off at Guitar Center.

The video concludes with the entire band Rick-rolling an unsuspecting crowd of fans, performing Rick Astley's "Give You Up" with Corden on vocals.

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