Netflix Pulls Episode of Children's Cartoon With Penis Drawing

Netflix's'Maya the Bee

In the wake of pissed-off mom Chey Robinson spotting a giant penis drawn in the background of the children's cartoon "Maya the Bee", Netflix has apparently pulled the episode from its streaming service.

Since then, many have taken to social media to express their outrage.

Netflix is yet to make a statement about the image's presence or the removal of the episode.

She continued to express her concern that young children has been exposed to phallically shaped imagery, adding:"I'm extremely disgusted by it, there should be no reason my kids have to see something like this". Maya the Bee is animated by French company Studio 100, which called the phallic flap "a very bad joke".

The streaming giant was forced into action after United States mother Chey Robinson complained about a drawing of a penis etched into a tree in the 35th episode fo the show's first series.

Penis drawing in the background of'Maya the Bee Season 1 Episode 35

The drawing of a penis, which is arguably a 100 percent a doodle of the male reproductive organ, can be seen in episode 35 of the show's first season.

Maya the Bee is based on The Adventures of Maya the Bee, a famous German kid's book that has also produced a comic book series, as well as a 1924 film and 1975 anime. "Legal action has already been started".

Studio 100 agrees and an investigation is now underway. "At the same time the company is taking all suitable technical measures to remedy the situation".

The statement came after users posted screenshots of the incident online, and Netflix took the episode off of the site.

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