IT officer's son murdered by kidnappers, body recovered in Bengaluru

Kidnapped teenager found murdered

Shanthakumar, an Uber auto driver, is also involved, but is absconding. Sharath, whose father Niranjan Kumar is a senior Income Tax official, was kidnapped on September 12 while he was out with his friend Vishal. Sharath told Vishal he would join him on his bike. He also pretended to be a moral support to the family by looking for Sharath at all the places.

According to police, the kidnappers killed Sharath because they were scared of being nabbed after learning that his family had filed a police complaint. Police said Vishal and his friends, Shantha Kumar, Vinay and Karan gathered near the RTO on September 10. Soon after, Vishal visited Sharath's house to console the family.

Apparently lured by this, Sharath expressed his desire to join them and went in his recently bought bike to Kengeri satellite town to meet Vishal and his friends.

Vishal said during the confession that when he and his accomplices learnt of the police's involvement, they kept Sharath in a vehicle and moved around the city, the police said. He also informed his parents in the video that they might harm his sister, mentioned a Times of India report.

The report added that Sharath's mother also sent an SMS to her son saying that they would complain to the police. Vishal and his friends visited the lake after two days to check whether the body was floating.

For the next couple of days, members of the gang kept a watch on the lake to ensure that the body didn't float. "They made a decision to take the body and bury it in a stone quarry nearby", Rathore said. They then took out the decomposed body and went around the city for a day in a auto, and then buried it near a quarry at Ajjenahalli in Ramanagaram district, the police said. This time, they took the body in a auto and roamed around in the city to find a place to dispose it of. When his decomposed body was exhumed, the family were inconsolable.

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