Face filters added to live video streaming

Face filters added to live video streaming

The new feature also lets you add things like starts, clouds or rainbow lighting to your face. Among the usual filters, there will be a new exclusive filter for the live videos which features a sunglass and a yellowish hue filter.

Click that icon to select any face filter that you'd like to use in the live video.

To use face filters in live video, users can tap the face icon in the bottom right corner before or during their broadcast to select a filter. Tap "Start Live Video", and watch the comments roll in from friends who wish they were as cool as you.

The filters were introduced in May, but could only be used for videos and photo that were taken and then subsequently posted. For instance, Instagram borrowed the Stories features from the Snapchat and was able to scale it up with 250 million active users, the same happened with WhatsApp live status as well. This will pull up the filters below it for you to try on.

You will be able to share a replay of the live video via stories or choose to "discard" it and it will disappear from the app. While its suite of filters had some teething problems - not tracking movement as well or staying positioned on the face as solidly as Snapchat - they seem to have been ironed out.

You can make videos that play in reverse with "Rewind, ' a new camera format next to 'Boomerang" and 'Hands-Free'. The filters will become visible in real-time to all your contacts as well as everyone watching your stream.

The company said that the filters for live broadcasts will be available to all users by mid-October.

Of course, videos won't be saved automatically on your phone all because of that update.

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