[Editorial] South Korea risks alienating global partners by aligning exclusively with US

US national security advisor H.R. Mc Master speaks during the daily briefing accompanied by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley at the White House in Washington on 15 September 2017

The United States and South Korea and separately Russian Federation together with China, carried out military drills in a show of force against North Korea, which has defied U.N. Security Council resolutions to conduct nuclear tests and ballistic missile tests.

"No. 1, those missiles are not directly threatening any of us", he said.

The North also fired a ballistic missile over Japan and into the Pacific on Friday, responding to fresh new United Nations sanctions with what appeared to be its longest-ever missile flight.

Tillerson said that the most recent two Security Council resolutions, passed in June and last week, are "designed to bring North Korea to the table for constructive, productive dialogue". The U.S. media reported that in his United Nations speech, Trump is expected to strongly demand that other countries, including China and Russian Federation, also intensify pressure against North Korea.

Trump's earlier warning he would rain "fire and fury" on a recalcitrant North Korea, she said, was "not an empty threat".

At the request of the United States, the Security Council will hold a ministerial-level meeting Thursday on ways to enforce the latest sanctions, which include an export ban on textiles, freezing work permits to North Korean guest workers and capping oil supplies.

Unlike Trump, however, Haley played up the impact of sanctions on Pyongyang, saying, "We have economically strangled North Korea at this point".

So far, every effort to persuade the North to back away from its fast-developing nuclear and missile programs - including its most powerful nuclear test yet, on September 3 - has proved futile, at times even seeming to prompt new acts of defiance from Pyongyang. Trump is going to get Americans killed.

The U.S. has seen no need to shoot down North Korean missiles test-fired in Japan's direction, but a future missile launch that threatens U.S. or Japanese territory will "elicit a different response from us", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday.

"We discussed the option, but that's all".

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, claims Pyongyang needs a nuclear weapons programme to deter the U.S. from invading the isolated state.

The tweet Sunday read: "I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night".

"Some airlines have indicated that they are changing their flight paths to avoid flying over North Korea and the area between North Korea and Hokkaido", reportedly declared Ellis Taylor of aviation analysts FlightGlobal.

Whether there are gas lines is unclear; very few people own cars in North Korea, outside military and government officials.

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