'Deadly' Halloween decoration causes scare in Tennessee neighborhood

News Channel 11 obtained a copy of that 911 call from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office

You might think the best course of action would be to lock the doors and call 911 immediately, but Greene County TN Sheriff's Department in Tennessee would really rather you didn't. It looks like he was dead.

"I thought it was somebody, I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway", said Riddle.

A decapitated puppet in Green County, Tenn. caused people to call 911 to report a dead body. The clothes were stuffed with the paper while the blood was simply food coloring mixed with hair gel.

"I said 'Thank you guys for caring but I'm doing just fine, '" Lovergine said.

As RadarOnline.com has learned, homeowner Joseph Lovergive made a very realistic dead man Halloween display and placed it next to his garage door.

After learning the truth behind the gruesome scene, Riddle was relieved to know that it was only decoration rather than a real corpse in a driveway.

We'll leave the last word to everyone who pointed out it's not even October yet.

Halloween arrived early in one part of Tennessee and sparked a panicked 911 call to police.

Lovergine explained to officers that the decoration was meant to be a joke for his upcoming Halloween party.

Although, a few people are not fans of this decoration, especially this lady.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office chose to warn the public about the prank by adding a little bit of humor - on its Facebook page.

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