Lawrence County has second-highest August unemployment rate in the state

Statewide Ohio fell from 5.5% to 5.3% from July to August

The New York State Department of Labor reports that the State's unemployment rate was 4.9% in August.

At the same time, the number of people who had jobs dropped by less than 1 percent. In total, the number of Michigan's unemployed rose by 10,000 people, while its employed totals dropped by 17,000. After averaging about 1.4 percent during January and February, the pace of job growth has slowed to about a third of the pace over the last six months, according to department data. The only over-the-year rate increase occurred in South Dakota (+0.4 percentage point).

The number of countians receiving unemployment benefits in August decreased by almost 1,000, from 2,425 in July to 1,496 last month, with the average weekly payment being $341.

Allen County's rate dropped 0.8 percentage points, from 5.9 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August.

Kent County had the highest individual unemployment rate of Delaware's three counties at 6 percent. White's was 3.4 percent and Fulton's was 3.9 percent.

Workforce officials estimate about 3.6 percent of the Cass County workforce was out of a job in July. Columbia County had the lowest mark at 3.6 percent while Bronx County's 6.9-percent rate was the highest.

This is the fourth increase in the seasonally adjusted rate in the last five months. Unlike local-level data, statewide statistics are adjusted for seasonal variations and for that reason can be compared month to month.

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