Switch's hidden Golf game is a touching tribute to Iwata

Switch Has Hidden Game Could Be Tribute to Satoru Iwata

"We thought they had included it during manufacturing by mistake", Plutoo, one of the Switch hackers who coordinated similar stunts over a private IRC, told me over Twitter direct messages. However, getting the game to run without hacking was a mystery until Switchbrew's yellows8 discovered the legitimate way to play the game. For starters, your console must be on the initial firmware version (1.0.0) and be set to July 11.

According to yellows8, he was able to personally test Golf on the Nintendo Switch, confirming that the classic game was playable using the Joy-Cons and was compatible with motion controls. With both arms down, hold each Joy-Con pointing downwards, and then raise your hands until the controllers are in front of your face, in a vertical position.

So, there are probably a few other questions you have regarding this. The loaded date originates from network-time-sync'd time, regardless of whether the user has it enabled or not. Changing your console's date to July 11 will only work if it's never been connected to the internet, otherwise the console will defer to the date and time pulled from the internet regardless if you're connected. You can't remove Wi-Fi settings, either, and confuse the system; bummer.

Granted, Golf is far from the most fun or significant title from that era in Nintendo's history. Given that's the case, we've been unable to verify this ourselves, and have asked Nintendo for clarification.

Why Golf? Satoru Iwata was Nintendo's fourth president and CEO, but he was also a coder, and in 1984 he created his own data compression tool to squeeze a golf game, complete with 18 holes, onto an NES cartridge. Still, the discovery was cause to rejoice because it also showed that the Switch apparently has a built-in NES emulator, which should pave the way for easy distribution of 8-bit NES and Famicom video games once Nintendo launches such a service, something it undoubtedly has plans to do eventually.

The embedded game was brought to light earlier this week when one hacker came upon it by accident.

I know Nintendo has hidden weird secrets in its consoles before, but this is really on a whole different level. I'm sure if Iwata were still alive, he'd be overjoyed with this gesture.

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