Nest reveals new home security system, video doorbell

Google Assistant is coming to Nest Cam IQ

One of Nest's new products introduced on Wednesday, the Cam IQ Camera Outdoor, is essentially a more rugged outdoor version of its indoor camera. This battery-powered motion detector is placed on the wall and will sense when doors or windows are open, and picks up movement in rooms (both when it's on a door).

The system includes a somewhat standard number panel called Nest Guard (the brains of the operation) that can sit near your front door, 2 Nest Detects (door/window/room sensors), and 2 Nest Tags (a fob which goes on your keychain that can arm/disarm your system). If the Nest Secure system is armed, which users do via smartphone app or by entering a code on the Guard hub, a loud siren will go off. The Nest Guard is the security system's "brains", said Nest product marketing chief Maxine Veron. Oh, and naturally, this will all be controllable via the Nest app.

Along with those two standalone devices, Nest also announced a third new modular security system bundle it calls Nest Secure. The Guard has an LED light that glows green when the alarm is set.

First up for owners of the now available Nest Cam IQ security camera that launched in May of this year: With a software update coming "this winter", you'll be able to speak to Google Assistant through the camera.

The new doorbells will also alert homeowners via the mobile app whether a delivery person is at their door. You want to be able to look at video from last night to see if there was an intruder present. What's more, you can pan the video to the left or right, to get a better idea of what's at your doorstep.

You'll need a Nest Aware subscription to view full recordings, but those without can still get frames from recordings whenever activity is spotted on the doorstep.

The same facial recognition capability that's offered on the security cams is offered on the Hello as well.

One particular neat thing with the Nest Hello is that it doesn't just work when the doorbell is rung. But it can also take a picture and send you a notification when someone arrives at your doorstep. Its "nap time" mode allows you to still be notified when someone presses the bell, but it will not chime so as not to wake any sleeping babies (or adults, for that matter). That's a nice touch. The company says it's waterproof (IP66), tamper resistant and "seriously sharp".

The final piece of the puzzle is the Nest Tag, an NFC-enabled key fob that lets you enable and disable the system by tabbing it on the Nest Guard.

Below the Sightline timeline is a microphone button, as we briefly mentioned previously, which will allow you to talk to the person at your door through the app, while to the left of the microphone button is an ignore button for the times when the person ringing your doorbell isn't someone you fancy talking to.

Nest wants to keep you from being robbed, as well as help you track your kids and let your dog out to pee at 3 am. The Nest Secure system, available in November, will cost $499 for the base, two tags and two door sensors. A starter pack that includes the Outdoor cam is available for $598. The company says it can detect faces from several feet away and uses the same face detection as the Nest Hello and Nest Cam IQ.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is available to order in the U.S. for $349USD, or $598USD as a two-pack.

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