Connecticut AG Jepsen warns Equifax on profiting from data breach

Gov. Andrew Cuomo. AP file

Hackers accessed Equifax systems months before the credit-reporting agency publicly announced a massive breach that potentially exposed the personal financial data of 143 million Americans, Bloomberg reported Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Jepsen and his fellow attorneys general complained in a letter to the Atlanta-based company that it was "seemingly using its own data breach as an opportunity to sell services to breach victims".

Schneiderman further asks the companies if they are considering waiving any fees it now charges for NY consumers who wish to implement and manage a credit freeze for their files.

It is unclear what information was taken from Canadians.

A credit freeze locks a person's file from accepting any new credit approvals. In the meantime, I've assembled some steps to help protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Equifax disclosed that it had been hacked from May to July, and that it was aware of the software flaws but hadn't fixed them. Equifax says the two incidents were unrelated, but either way, the company knew it was being targeted as early as this past spring.

That means that the credit-reporting agency actually "suffered two major incidents in the span of a few months", the report notes. Approximately 209,000 individuals had their credit card numbers stolen.

"Equifax should not give even the impression that it is attempting to make any sort of profit off of this enormous breach, and consumers should have access - at zero cost - to the best available credit monitoring services and protections", MacDonald said.

A freeze blocks new lenders from checking your credit history, which should prevent hackers from opening any new accounts.

Consider a Credit Freeze.

Equifax is also offering one year of free credit monitoring for all Americans who may have been affected by the breach.

A lock or security freeze costs $10 per credit bureau.

Let's take a look at the fishy actions they did in a little bit more depth. Equifax then retained Mandiant once again when suspicious activity was detected on July 29th.

Monitor your existing credit cards and financial accounts.

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