Firefighters Spend 3 Hours Removing Weight From Gym Goer's 'Sensitive Part'

The firefighters succeeded in breaking the plate after using angle grinders and a hydraulic rescue device

The Facebook post includes a photo of the weight cut into five pieces.

The incident happened Friday in Worms, Germany.

It is unclear how the unidentified man got himself in the precarious situation on September 15, but the firefighters warn others against trying such an endeavor.

"One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2.5 kg dumbbell disc", it said on Facebook, describing the call-out as "somewhat different".

It's not clear what motivated the man to get into such an awkward situation.

Using a hydraulic saw and a grinder, it took firefighters...wait for it...nearly three hours to remove the 5.5-pound weight from the man's hog.

The greatest minds known to local medical science persisted but they relinquished and called on the fire brigade, who turned up with an angle grinder, a "vibrating" saw and a hydraulic rescue device.

Firefighters posted an image of the cut-up weight as a warning to others thinking of trying a similar stunt on Friday.

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