Apple Just Dropped iOS 11 - But Is It Worth Upgrading Now?

Apple Just Dropped iOS 11 - But Is It Worth Upgrading Now?

This new operating system will only work on iPhone 5s or newer, and will be available to download around 10 a.m. PST.

For those who have been part of either the developer or public beta process, you'll likely already have the finalized iOS 11 and shouldn't need to do anything.

Users can check to see if any of their apps are 32-bit, but most popular apps are actually safe.

Experts from the tech firm SensorTower previously claimed this would mean the 64 bit "approximately 187,000 or about 8 percent of the roughly 2.4 million apps on the App Store worldwide" will stop working with the latest iPhones.

You can download TestFlight from the App Store for free.

Modern phones often slow down when running 32-bit apps. Instead, those devices will be stuck with iOS 10, which Apple released previous year.

Developers, meanwhile, have spent the last several months deciding if apps were worth the 64-bit upgrade.

The new drag-and-drop features are also much more powerful on iPad, letting you manage stuff in the Files app more intuitively and even letting you drag and drop photos and text from one app to another. The update could take between 30 minutes to two hours.

The Sun Online understands there is no plan to remove 32 bit software from the App Store.

First thing to do is just load up in Safari, like you normally would visit the site without using the app. Hit "Add" and blammo, you've now got an app icon on your home screen that brings you directly to that looks just like the old TouchArcade app. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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