Rouhani: US will pay high price if Trump scraps nuclear deal

Rouhani: US will pay high price if Trump scraps nuclear deal

The action plan was brokered with Iran on July 14, 2015, by the administration of former US Democratic president, Barack Obama, and those of the other five powers to curtail Tehran's nuclear development in return for giving it sanctions relief. He will make a final decision soon about Iran policies, including whether to recertify in October that Iran is complying with the nuclear agreement. "In Iran, as of today we have been able to visit, as planned, all sites and locations that we have identified for CAs". "Going back on the JCPOA would mean reneging on a government's clear political promises, and would not amount to a glory for anybody", President Rouhani said in a gathering of Iranian expatriates residing in the United States, in NY on Sunday night.

White HouseDonald Trump has taken another step to secure the future of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, reaffirming an exemption on sanctions authorized by Congress.

On Wednesday, a large protest will be held over the invitation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the UN's General Assembly in NY.

"Our position is straightforward". "The Iran deal is one of the worst deals I've ever seen", he said. Either fix it - or cancel it.

Israeli officials said he would also relay concerns over what Israel describes as Tehran's growing military entrenchment in Syria and its post-civil war role in that country.

The nuclear agreement went into effect in January 2016. Mr Trump has threatened to use a regular review of Iranian compliance in October to find Tehran has not lived up to the agreement's terms. The six will meet with Iran at the ministerial level on Wednesday. And Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Monday that Iran's obligations "are being implemented".

If the Trump administration is serious about negotiating a "better deal", it would first have to honor the deal that is before it and restore badly tarnished US credibility.

"They (United States) can choose the right path and also enter the room where the food is served. And it has to do with Iran's destabilizing activities", Tillerson said on CBS's "Face the Nation".

This as the Treasury Department imposes new limitations against several Iranian individuals and companies, citing their support of Iran's' ballistic missile program and cyber attacks against the U.S.

Khamenei's statement highlights the fact that the U.S. may plan to revoke the nuclear deal with Iran. For years the Bush Administration, and lawmakers who favored a more confrontational approach with Iran, claimed to be open to nuclear negotiations with Iran.

"They are wise. Look at the region".

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