Nike Unveils NBA Statement Uniforms

Nike releases all new NBA 'statement edition' alternate jerseys at media event

"The Statement Edition uniform sets the tone for big games or rivalries and is inspired by the team's desire to make a bold statement every time they step on the court". The black jersey, and each uniform that the Cavs wear this season, will feature the Nike Swoosh and Goodyear Wingfoot - two global emblems reflecting success, drive and determination.

The third of four jerseys the Utah Jazz will wear during the 2017-2018 season was officially unveiled Friday night after being leaked earlier this week.

Nike has taken over the NBA's uniform contract this year and rolled out some new and classic looks. Players will also reportedly have the ability to release messages only to those who have bought their jersey, rather than broadcasting something on social media. However, one of the more interesting announcement was Nike's new NBA Connected Jersey, which fans can buy.

Stefan Olander, Nike vice president in charge of digital innovation, says the jerseys, embedded with a NFC (near field communication) chip will bring customers closer to the game than ever. "These jerseys become available online globally on September 29, rewarding the game's fans with a revolutionary experience that creates a new point of connection between fans and the game". A certain player's replica jersey could be outfitted with a tag that will provide boosts to that same player's National Basketball Association 2K18 capabilities.

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