Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite DLC '2017 Character Pass' characters announced

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Art for both Sigma and Black Panther have been released. There's a ton here to like, and those who dismiss it will only be missing out on one of Capcom's finest fighting games.

What's interesting here, at least from my perspective, is that these six DLC characters are skewed towards the Marvel roster.

Capcom has announced character downloadable content plans for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Still no X-Men, sadly. For those keeping count, the roster's total fighters are now at 36, with the first 30 characters coming on the disc.

Few other details were offered, since Capcom doesn't have any art assets available for any of these four characters.

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Capcom announced on their Twitter page that Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Venom, and Monster Hunter would join Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as part of the 2017 Character Pass, which includes six characters.

The first set of character DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will feature 6 new characters. Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are already in the game, so it's surprising to see Widow added as DLC, instead of capitalizing on her Avengers membership and adding her right away.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite launches tomorrow with 30 characters available to rumble it up with - 15 from the Marvel universe, and 15 from Capcom games. The full roster includes 19 fighters representing Marvel, and 17 with Capcom.

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